Posted on Jan 1, 2019

Dr. Chandan Kachru - Nirvana Courtyard

Surgery without Much Inconvenience: Laparoscopy

There was a time when the word ‘Surgery’ was itself enough to strike your heart with fear. Since, it meant to cut the entire affected area of your body for the purpose of any remedy. For example, in abdomen surgery your whole tummy would be slit down by the surgeon. Nevertheless, things have ameliorated with the passage of time in Medical Science.

Nowadays, you might have to undergo only a little bit inconvenience for different types of surgeries. Laparoscopy is a kind of surgery that employs smaller cuts than you might expect. The course of action takes its name from the laparoscope, a slender apparatus that has a little video camera and light on the end. While a surgeon inserts it all the way through a minute cut and into your body, he/she can look at a video monitor and observe what’s happening. Without those apparatus, he/she would have to make a much larger opening. That also denotes less cutting.

In laparoscopic surgical procedure, the surgeon makes a number of small cuts. Generally, each one is no more than a ½ inch long. (That's the reason, it's sometimes reckoned as keyhole surgery.) The surgeon inserts a tube all the way through each opening, plus the camera and surgical instruments pass through them. Then the doctor carries out the operation.
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